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Water Technology of Pensacola

Save Energy and Eliminate Tube Fouling Problems


On-Line condenser tube cleaning with the Automatic Tube Brushing (ATB) System is a permanent energy-saving solution for fouling in chiller condensers and other straight tube and shell heat exchangers. When fouling is minimized, maintenance and energy savings are maximized.  

        Water Technology's ATB or ABS Systems can be found in :

        World's largest Chiller Plant - Mecca      World's Tallest Building - Burj Al Kalifa         Dubai Airport       

        World Trade Towers - Freedom Towers - all      World's largest Hotel (10,000 Rooms) Abraj Kudai

        Miami Airport and thousands of other installations.

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Clean your plant’s chillers and heat exchangers naturally and sustainably, without costly process shutdowns or chemicals. The ATB System is a permanent online solution to Clean your equipment.

In process industries unscheduled downtime to manually clean tubes costs even more than the energy loss created by tube fouling.

Commercial Cooling

Facilities like hospitals and universities can improve the energy efficiency of water-cooled chillers and central chilled water plants. Because the ATB System cleans condenser tubes each day, the need to manually clean tubes is eliminated. Labor and material costs for maintenance are greatly reduced and your chillers and heat-exchangers will run at peak efficiency every day.

Energy Saving

Lower fouling factors provide more efficient heat transfer. Electricity consumption is reduced by 10-30% when fouling is eliminated. The ATB System is guaranteed to provide a 0.0001 fouling factor or better. By keeping precipitates from forming on tube walls, periodic acid cleaning is eliminated and normal chemical treatment can often be reduced.


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Get your Estimated Energy Savings. Please provide us with the tonnage, kilowatt per ton, local power cost, and estimated load hours for your equipment. You can email us at or call (850)-477-4789. We will respond shortly with an energy savings calculation and estimated pricing.

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The Automatic Tube Brushing System is a proven and reliable way to keep your heat exchanger clean and save significant energy.

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